Under the Sun Design has experience as an inhouse designer for large corporations, having worked with leading ad agencies, and has been in the board room during major design decisions. We can bring this wisdom and experience to you at a fair market price. We enjoy the experience of being able to apply best practices for people who are starting their own business.

How to start

How it works is we meet and talk (which can happen in person, via Skype, email, text or phone) to consult about your business goals. Who are you trying to reach? What is your main message? Next, we hit the drawing board by researching your competition, and customer base, to see where you fit in? Always keeping in mind how you can stand out. Once we have determined your goals and qualities, we move forward to designing a new logo, packaging, or print advertising. The fun part, designing! Starting with sketches, then illustration and/or images, and type. The result is the delivery of at least three designs for you to choose from.


Why have a web sight? Having your own site is like opening your own storefront. It puts you on that "cyber" map of infinite possibilities. Are people going to come into your store immediately? Well, to be honest, just because you have your own site does not mean you will get trampled with thousands of customers within minutes. Good old-fashioned networking and advertising are still necessary.
Still want to be on the map?…then read on to see where to start.

Web design starts with content. This means we need you to tell us everything you can about your company or yourself that you want to communicate. Under the Sun Design will step up and romance your copy, create tag lines and edit your copy to fit at no extra cost. Simultaneously, we will need photo images, or illustrations if available. If not available we can work together to gather images, or take new. Once content, images, and other design elements are gathered successfully it is time for the fun part, designing! Content and images are strategically placed into a new interesting, and eye-catching design. Under the Sun Design will deliver several design options. We will then meet, and discuss what works; what doesn't work. From there we will keep working to complete your Web site. When finished, the site will uploaded at no extra cost. You will then have a new site in which there are no monthly fees to manage content, it is all yours!

Email today to discuss your presence in print advertising, on the Internet, or storefont. We look forward to hearing from you.



Design your logo and brand in a professional manner with your target customers in mind. A professional logo looks good in color and B & W.

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We bring wisdom and experience to you at a fair market price. It's all about the experience of being able to apply best practices your business.

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Under the Sun Design delivers several design options. The end result is a new site, no monthly fee to manage content, it is all yours!

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